Throwback Thursday: Name This Classic Jeep Vehicle

Thursday is here again, which means it's time to take a moment and celebrate the past. Today's Throwback Thursday post is brought to us by @Jeep on Twitter. They have posted a partial picture of a classic Jeep vehicle, and are asking their followers to try and guess the model. Do you know the answer? Look closely, there's a clue in the text. We'll tell you what we think, below.

With the classic styling of the grill and headlight, it appears to be a CJ-5 or CJ-6 model. However, given the "dressed to the nines" clue, we think their looking for something more specific. Back in 1961, Kaiser, manufacturer of Jeep vehicles at the time, began looking for a way to combat the image of Jeep vehicles as simply working vehicles. So they introduced the Tuxedo Park trim line which featured chrome and ceramic accents and upgraded facings. In 1964, the Tuxedo Park became its own separate model. So that's our guess: a 1964 Jeep Tuxedo Park.

We hope you found this blast from the past interesting and informative. Be sure to check out @Jeep on Twitter, tomorrow, for the answer.

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