Luxuriously Rugged; the Legendary Jeep Grand Cherokee

Well over ten years ago, the Jeep Grand Cherokee virtually originated the luxury SUV segment. And all of these years later, that model remains among the absolute best in the segment that it helped begin. Let's take a look at what's new on the model below.

With high ground clearance, and a distinctly rugged, Jeep design, the Grand Cherokee is clearly ready to tack any type of terrain. But when you combine that rugged capability with the refined interior, you have an amazing model on your hands. The interior is composed of all premium materials like open pore wood and leathers, and there are highly advanced tech features like the UConnect Infotainment System included as well. For a visual on the new model, simply press play below.

For a test drive of your own on the truly excellent new Jeep Grand Cherokee, visit our Litchfield, MN dealership soon.

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