Japan's 10 Best Cars Gives Jeep Cherokee Number 8 Spot

We have known about how great the Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee are to drive, but recently Japan has caught on to that as well. Jeep Cherokee has been named the number 8 best car in Japan, the first ever American model to crack the top ten. We can't say we are surprised a Jeep brand has won this honor.

With its attention grabbing appearance and highly respected performance history, this brand has obtained its number of honors and awards. Roomy, comfortable, and powerful, the 290 horsepower, 260 lb-ft torque Grand Cherokee engine can get the job done. Below, we shared a commercial of the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee to keep you busy while we do a little victory dance.

If you think a Jeep brand vehicle is in your future, stop by our 640 East Highway 12, Litchfield, MN, location and test drive one. When you're ready, we can discuss what it takes to get you into one today.

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